Star of David with Sapphire & Cubic Zircons Necklace- Made in Israel

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Star of David with Sapphire & Cubic Zircons Necklace- Made in Israel

Pendant Size Including the Bail: 1" x 1/2"      

Attractively gift boxed with FREE 18" Sterling Silver chain. 


Gentle but Stunning - Goes with Everything!

Ohh... This Cool White and Blue of

 A Beautiful Star!


This Sparkling display of 6 large gorgeous Sahpphires and

 Cubic Zircon Stones makes these Star of David Necklaces exceptional.

Cut with care and precision a TOP of the line polished sterling silver.

They come to you with FREE 18" Sterling Silver chain and

 a card "About the Star of David".


Brilliant blazing gemstones with full luster.

Wear it any time - Any where  - Goes with everything you Wear!


The blue and white are the national colors of Israel; 

They have developed from the Biblical times to

Israel’s national flag of today.


Great for every day - Perfect for holidays!

*** The Star of David is connected to a magic shield possessed by King David that protected 

him from his enemies. The shield was inscribed with the seventy-two letter names of G-d. 

The Star of David represents the harmony of creation and life. 

The early use of the star was limited to the mystical practitioners of Kabbalah". 

The top triangle strives upward toward G-d and the spiritual world, while the lower triangle 

strives downward to the material world.

 The intertwining represents the inseparable nature of the Jewish people from God.

 Hence, it is a symbol of the history and roots of the Jewish people.

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