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  • Basset Hound Lovers Dog Garden Bench

    Summerfield Terrace

    Basset Hound Lovers Dog Garden Bench

    Here's a loyal and friendly bench that will bring you joy every day. This basset hound has short legs and a long body, perfect for sitting on while you enjoy your beautiful yard.   Weight limit: 300 lbs. Material(s):POLYRESIN FIBERGLASS 53" x...

    $259.95 $209.52
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  • Dachshund Doggy Bench

    Summerfield Terrace

    Dachshund Doggy Bench

    Dare we say this is cutest bench in existence? We do! This Dachshund Doggy Bench is adorable from top to tail and will charm your friends and family as they gaze upon his happy face and elongated body. Hes the best pet youll ever own, with no upkeep or...

    $259.95 $247.68
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  • Fairy Solar Water Fountain

    Cascading Fountains

    Fairy Solar Water Fountain

    Fabulous fountain features a scene from treasured childhood tales, as a pair of fairies plays in the crystal waterfalls. The magic of solar power lets you add this fountain to your favorite spot without tangled cords, or an optional electrical plug for...

    $299.95 $213.56
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  • Playtime Park Water Fountain

    Cascading Fountains

    Playtime Park Water Fountain

    Two friends take a break from playing in the park to get a refreshing drink from this outdoor water fountain. Made from fiberglass and fitted with a submersible pump, this sweet water feature will add soothing sounds and playful charm to your yard...

    $249.95 $228.18
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  • Garden Grove Storage Bench

    Summerfield Terrace

    Garden Grove Storage Bench

    Add more seating and more storage to your favorite outdoor space with this classically beautiful wooden bench. Lift the seat for ample storage of garden or outdoor essentials, and have a seat to relax upon when your yard work is done.Storage box: 18 3/4"...

    $299.95 $242.88
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  • Bayside Console Table

    Accent Plus

    Bayside Console Table

    The fresh white finish of this elongated table makes its crisp and modern lines really stand out. Perfect for your hallway or behind the sofa, the table features a pullout drawer and two lower display shelves for endless decorating power...

    $299.95 $216.54
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  • Couple Bench

    Summerfield Terrace

    Couple Bench

    A sweet seat for two! This white metal bench features romantic scrollwork detailing. Perfect for the garden, yard or patio. This romantic white metal bench is the perfect spot for an intimate conversation in the garden or on the patio. The seats face...

    $249.95 $240.72
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  • Lone Star Outdoor Rocking Bench

    Summerfield Terrace

    Lone Star Outdoor Rocking Bench

    Front porch swinging is a lovely way to spend a leisurely summers day, and this iron rocking bench is perfect place to chat with your favorite friend. The sturdy iron framework features two lone star cutouts and fanciful curls that make this a standout...

    $299.95 $232.68
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